Tuesday, May 31, 2005

No, I'm Deep Throat!

Amidst all the news that apparently Woodward & Bernstein's "Deep Throat" informant has outed himself, apparently it is really I who is the intrepid informant here. One little tidbit revealed in this blog last week has apparently not been publicly released anywhere else.

OK, maybe I don't want to be called "Deep Throat". How about "Sccop Jackson?"

Sunday, May 29, 2005

BTW: THey've updated the home page a bit.

With photos from this past season...how many moments can you accurately identify? If I'm not mistaken there is only one photo in the montage that isn't from one of the 2004-2005 season shows. Am I right?

Check it out here.

Friday, May 27, 2005

More great Gala shots...

Everyone looks so Pretty :)

Like Meg, her husband Billy and Board President Pat McBaine:

Like Lisa Peers, Alex Kapreilian and friend, Alex:

Like Anil & Annette in what Annette calls their "prom picture":

And finally, like Greg & Stephanie...looking extremely happy that the Gala went off without a hitch!:

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Speaking of Lea...

Overheard at the Gala: Lea DeLaria will be playing Mama Rose at AMT in their GYPSY!

As an AMT subscriber I'd have to commend AMT for a much more rational choice than the original rumor I hear: Reba McEntire! (Seriously.) Of course, after I saw Bernadette play this in NY a couple of years ago I said I'd never see Gypsy again, but I guess Never say never. Here's a shot of Lea reuniting with her Once Upon a Mattress "nemesis, Milissa Carey:

More from my inside source...

Let's continue, shall we?

"Andrea Marcovicci was in fine form, looked like a million, and just generally having a great time and being gracious with all. She has finally come into the 21st century and has a laptop, which follows her everywhere now. She’s a Mac person, as is Brent."

So funny that my little bird would note their Mac preference...wonder if that was for my benefit, Mac user that I am? Now if I were really clever, I would photoshop a little PowerBook under Andrea's arm into this lovely shot (what a smile!):

"Klea Blackhurst is likewise a kick, and I can tell what fun RED HOT AND BLUE is going to be already."

I think you can see the fun when you see this candid shot. Oh, you know, just three folk standing around the piano and jamming...three folks like Brent, Klea and Lea DeLaria!:

And speaking of Lea...

Mora Gala Tidbits from the INside!

So a little bird had the following to share from behind the scenes at the Gala:

"Lisa Peers invited her new friend, Linda Posner, a very lovely lady who once upon a time was known on Broadway (and in the movies) as Leland Palmer. An early Fosse star, the original Fastrada in PIPPIN, two-time Tony nominee, and so wonderful in the movie ALL THAT JAZZ playing Audrey, the ex-wife character that is based on Gwen Verdon. We had a lovely long chat — Linda has been living in Willits up among the redwoods, but is in SF for three years doing some studying of Jewish history and culture. She has been involved in "dream theatre" -- where people relate their dreams which are then turned into a theatre piece — which sounds fascinating, and I am looking forward to learning more about the whole thing."

I had the Vocal Selections for Pippin and the album and remember Posner/Palmer quite well...especially her sly "Spread a Little Sunshine." She looks pretty much the same as her photo in the Selections, down to the gamine haircut. And here is a picture of Linda now, with Lawrence Pech & Brent Barrett:

Speaking of Brent:

"Brent Barrett was a delight to work with, and amazing calm, cool, and collected, having played a heavy weekend of concerts in Philadelphia, flown to SF Monday morning, played the Gala and partied at the reception -- and then headed back to NYC early Tues afternoon. And tonight he resumes his role as Billy Flynn in CHICAGO!"

And since Annette mentioned in her earlier comments on the Gala that her heart was all a-flutter at getting a photo with Brent...here is that photo (man, he is tall and strapping, isn't he?):

More coming...

Next on the agenda for Moonie Nancy Dobbs Owen

Nancy has several exciting new projects in the works, so not much downtime for her between this Gala and next Fall. Here's her playbill:

She's been cast in Shawn Ferreya's play, The Rise and Fall of the Monkey King which runs the first 3 weekends of August at the Exit Stage Left.

She follows that with AMTSJ's production of The Wizard of Oz.  (More monkeys...hmm)  

Lastly, she will also be doing a benefit cabaret with Jennifer Fagundes on June 27 to benefit TBA's Lemonade Fund, but that is not yet set in stone, so details will follow!

Oh, what a Glamorous Life!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Another Gala Audience Review

This time from Michael Austin:

"So sorry you had to miss the Gala. It was a treat.

I really, really, really enjoyed the show last night. Best Gala I've seen so far. I thought it was one the most consistently enjoyable shows I've seen in a long time, from the song excellent selection to the uniformity of the fantastic talent up there. Everyone seemed to be relaxed and happy to be a part of it and it made us happy in the audience too. Not to mention how sharp everybody looked--the men in dapper white dinner jackets a la Cole, and the women in stunning wardrobe all.

Highlights for me were of course Alex Kaprilien's numbers--how wise Greg was to give her so many star moments. Anil Margsahayam's big solo tribute to Manhattan, "I Happen to Like New York," was touching and incredible (where is that one from?); I was so proud when he nailed it and got that amazing applause that seemed to last for a full minute. I also loved Michael Gaffney's very sincere "At Long Last Love" and have already been hectoring him for a copy of the music (and where's
that from?). Also, the "You're the Top" Greg and Michael G. did was the cutest and sweetest thing in the show for sure. A surprise treat to hear Brent Barrett do a very different treatment of the song I got to sing in "Fifty Million Frenchman" ("You've Got That Thing"). And after hearing Klea for myself, I can't wait to see her light up the stage in "Red, Hot and Blue" in September!

The happy crowd Michael mentions, including performer Michael Gaffney:

More Gala audience reviews

Nancy Dobbs Owen emulates my "'Top 5"...this time the "Top 5 Things I Should Not Have Missed"

1. Alexandra Kaprielian sang and looked like an angel. "Love for Sale" gave me shivers.
2. Anil Margsahayam's rendition of "I Happen to Like New York." It was absolutely perfect.
3. Seeing Greg on stage singing. That should happen more!
4. Dave, Dave, Dave. (Dobrusky) The man is simply amazing.
5. Klea Blackhurst and Steve Rhyne singing "De-lovely". It was just charming. (and an excellent preview for Red, Hot & Blue.)

Here are Steve and Klea:

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

First report on the Gala

I have my first eyewitness report from intrepid 42nd St. Moon Administrator, Annette:

"I am still rather blurry-eyed! Let's just say "what an elegant, swell-egant party it was!" last night at the Herbst Theatre!! I don't want to leave anyone out because everyone was FABULOUS. Big props to everyone - it was such a great show, Cole Porter would have been proud.

Some highlights:

* I got my picture taken with Brent Barrett (OK, now we know what's important, right?). And when he sang... I melted.
* Comic line of the night goes to Andrea Marcovicci (looking stylishly fabulous as always!), who sang to the same woman in the front row as Lea DeLaria did earlier in the evening: "How lucky are you? You get serenaded by me and Lea DeLaria all in the same night... what a dream you're gonna have tonight!"
* Klea Blackhurst's set of "Blow, Gabriel, Blow," "Make It Another Old-Fashioned, Please" and "It's De-Lovely" (a duet with Steve Rhyne), the latter being a sneak peek at our co-stars for Red Hot & Blue, the first show of the 2005-06 season!! Everyone is gonna be in for a treat.
* An amusing rendition of "Friendship" with Michael Patrick Gaffney, Darlene Popovic and Bill Fahrner.
* Anil Margsahayam's rendition of "I Happen to Like New York." (I overheard that it was one of our Board President's favorite moments too, but I don't know if you can quote me on that...)
* Alexandra Kaprielian's beautiful voice on "Love for Sale" and "Dream Dancing."
* Meg Mackay singing "I Love Paris"
* David Curley singing "Just One of Those Things"
* Darlene Popovic singing "Nobody's Chasing Me"
* Lawrence Pech and Wendy Van Dyck added just the right touch of grace and style with their "Fred & Ginger" recreation of "Night and Day."

Annette promises that pictures are coming too. Meanwhile I can just sit here and be jealous thinking about what I missed.

Anyone else out there with a blog review for me?

Now that our benefit is out of the way...

You might be interested in another?

Bay Area performer Molly Bell (TheatreWorks, AMT etc.) is directing a benefit for the American Cancer Society entitled Divas For Life.

Yes a variety of divas from around the Bay Area, including C. Kelly Wright and AnneMarie Martin, are puttin' on a show for the ACS. It's June 8th in Los Altos, and all the deets are here.

Because you know the swell crowd just goes from gala to gala, right?

Friday, May 20, 2005

Inside BayArea piece on Brent Barrett

Check out the second half of this column for a story on Brent Barrett and our Gala.

It was fascinating to me that he has felt that SF much prefers home-grown talent to out-of-towners! And perhaps it's even supported by AMT San Jose's experiences since they shifted to bringing in more tours and doing fewer locally-grown shows. In fact this coming season AMT has upped the number of local shows in an attempt to "win back" subscribers.

Do you feel that way?

I really don't, but I do draw this distinction:

Back in the old days, AMT would do a local show and then always bring in talent from LA or NY for the principals. But not Brent Barrett-caliber talent. Not folks who had starred on Broadway...mostly just working actors who AMT seemed to think were better because of their zip code. (And sometimes fading TV stars that wanted to try something different, but weren't really cut out for musical theatre.) Well, I knew lots of local actors who were as good or better, so yeah, I suppose I was a little resistant.

But when theatres bring in real theatre stars...I'm all for it.

And if I could go, I know I'd be excited to see Brent!

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Arrrgh - I can't go to the Gala - who will be my bloggy eyes and ears?

I am completely bummed that I cannot attend the Gala. I have an important appointment that I already postponed once, and just couldn't move again.

But how can the blog go on without a blow-by-blow of the Gala? Someone has to step in!

Now, I know Annette will take pictures and send them to me. But I'm also hoping that many of you faithful readers are planning to go (maybe even some of you on our special $40 tickets) and will post your thoughts.

Pretty please?

I know some of you prefer emailing me occasionally to posting comments here. Feel free to do either. Just give us the bird's eye view we crave.

Any volunteers?

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Full Gala Cast of Moonies

I realized that I never posted the full and complete list of performers in the gala (which I'm sure given our newly announced discount ticket level of $40 you are all going to be able to see, right?)

So, you know the guest stars are:
Brent Barrett
Klea Blackhurst
Lea DeLaria
Andrea Marcovicci
Lawrence Pech & Wendy Van Dyck

And the Moonies are:
David Curley (most recently in Minnie's Boys and Hooray for What!)
Bill Fahrner (who has appeared in 26 (!) 42nd St. Moon productions)
MIchael Patrick Gaffney (also in Minnie's Boys and Hooray for What! this season)
Alexandra Kaprielian (Can-Can and Syracuse)
Meg Mackay (most recently in Hooray For What! this season)
Greg MacKellan (well, you know, the Co-Founder of the theatre)
Anil Margsahayam (Who seemed to be in everything this Spring!)
Lisa Peers (who will be in Miss Liberty this fall)
Darlene Popovic (Minnie herself)
Stephanie Rhoads (the other co-founder and recent Syracusian)
Steve Rhyne (who's been performing with the theatre since 1997)
Musical Director Dave Dobrusky (who musical directed three of the Moon shows this season)

Now get on the phone and get your seats:
Call City Box Office
(415) 392-4400

...and use the code ONLINE to get your $40 tix.

Monday, May 16, 2005

BREAKING NEWS: 60 Gala Tickets released for sales at only $40!!!

You've been hearing me rave about the upcoming gala:

-All Cole Porter's beautiful music
-Several fabulous guest stars, including Broadway's Brent Barrett, Lea DeLaria and Gala favorite Andrea Marcovicci
-Your favorite 42nd St. Moon stars
-It benefits the Moon of course!

And you've heard the details:

-Monday May 23rd
-Herbst Theatre, 401 Van Ness Avenue at McAllister in San Francisco

But, this is new: Balcony tickets (regularly priced at $60) will be sold for only $40 to the first 60 customers who call:

City Box Office
(415) 392-4400

...and use the code ONLINE

So go, go now...what are you sitting there reading blogs for?

42nd St Moon is voted Best of San Francisco

42nd St Moon is proud to be the recipient of the San Francisco Weekly's Best of San Francisco Award for Be Musical Revivals.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Moonies out in the world

Regular Moonie, Milissa Carey (most recently seen as Queen Aggravain in Once Upon a Mattress) is appearing in something a little off the beaten path, but according to her, worth the trip:

Robert Holman's Making Noise Quietly

directed by Clive Chafer and Erin Gilley,
performed by Noah James Butler*, Milissa Carey*, David Koppel*, Dan Marsh, and Sue Trigg.
(*Members, Actors Equity Association)

Lisser Hall, Mills College, 5000 MacArthur Blvd. (at Hwy 580), Oakland. (Lisser Hall is wheelchair accessible.)

Schedule: Thursday-Saturday 8pm, Sunday 3pm.
Preview: Thursday, May 12th
Opening: Friday, May 13th
Closing: Sunday, June 5th

How much:
Thursday, Sunday $18;
Friday, Saturday $22
Under 25's: Always half price.
Seniors, students, TBA members: $3 off
Pay what you can: Thursday, May 19th
Box Office and Information: 510 436 5085

Need more deets?
Making Noise Quietly is not one, but three beautiful plays. Each one is a deeply moving vignette about the long range effects of war. Sometimes lyrical, sometimes funny, their "haunting continuity" gives them a "powerful cumulative effect". (These quotes are from reviews of Making Noise Quietly's triumphant West End premiere in 1999.)


Thursday, May 12, 2005

You do realize this is it, right?

Last weekend to see the Rodgers & Hart classic, The Boys from Syracuse in all its glory. The great R&H songs, the wacky Shakespearean humor, the dancing girls!

Don't forget to get your discount on regular tickets tonight through Saturday by using the promotion code ONLINE when calling the box office at 415-978-2787.

OK-consider yourself warned...go enjoy your day.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Moonie Christine Macomber in concert later this month

Christine Macomber, who played the landlady in Minnie's Boys last month is doing a solo performance, with fellow Moonie musical genius Brandon Adams accompanying her.

She's performing a program of music by Bach, Marcello, Mussorgsky, Weill and Sondheim

Wow, that's quite a range.

Also on the bill are Dana Bauer, woodwinds and The Exeter String Quartet minus one.

Here are the deets:
Sunday, May 29th at 7:00 pm
at Montclair Presbyterian Church
5701 Thornhill Drive, Oakland 94611

A donation is welcome, as you are able, to benefit the music program at the church.

If you liked Christine's merry rendition of "You Remind Me of You" in Minnie's, make the trip to Oakland to hear more!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Tony Nominations are announced

I'll let Blogway Baby do the honors.

I am sad to say I haven't been to NYC since 09/03, so I have not seen a single nominated show. First time in years that that is true.

Which does remind me that I haven't taken a vacation at all since 09/03. That doesn't seem good.

So what about y'all? Anyone have any favorites from the list?

Monday, May 09, 2005

Slightly belated: Pictures from "Syracuse" Opening Night

I know this is a bit after-the-fact, but I do have a couple of nice pics from the post-OPening Night reception for The Boys from Syracuse.

Now first we have the director, Dennis Lickteig, flanked by his two sets of twins. The Dromios: Kalon Thibodeaux and Ron Lytle, and the Antipholi: John Patrick Moore and William Giammona.

Then we have a shot of the ladies, from L to R that would be me (!), Stephanie Rhoades (Adriana), Managing Director Lauren Hewitt, Alexandra Kapreilian (The Courtesan) and Tielle Baker (Luciana)

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Ah, the full-length version of the Inside Bay Area blurb

Thanks to Katie Dedarian (better known as Luce in "Syracuse" right now) for the link:

Inside Bay Area's full review

Friday, May 06, 2005

Inside Bay Area's "Boys" in Brief

Inside Bay Area only has a brief blurb on "Boys", so it takes longer to scroll down the page and find it than it does to read it! So, I will give you the link, but I will also save you the trouble, and just give you the blurb:

"The Boys from Syracuse" (1/2)— Two sets of crazy, mixed-up twins were good enough for Shakespeare's "The Comedy of Errors," but Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart had to go and add singing and dancing to ratchet up the merry mayhem that much more. 42nd Street Moon presents an enjoyable concert version of the 1938 musical. Continues through May 15 at the Eureka Theatre, 215 Jackson St., San Francisco. 8 p.m. Thursdays and Fridays; 6 p.m. Saturdays; 3 p.m. Sundays; plus 7 p.m. May 11 and 1 p.m. this Saturday. $17-$30. (415) 978-2787; www.42ndstreetmoon.org. (Catherine Schutz)

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

42nd St. Moon Needs Kids!

And way too soon to turn to the natural method :)

Here's the word from Annette:

"We're still gearing up for auditions for our first two fall shows, which will be held during the first two weeks of June, but I am also passing along our latest auditions announcement because we'll be needing children/young adults for our production of "The Roar of the Greasepaint...The Smell of The Crowd," in November/December of this year. Since we don't normally use children in our productions, we need to spread the word!! Strong dancers and singers needed - preferably ones who have been in musical theatre productions previously.

Here are the deets:
Accepting submissions for The Roar of the Greasepaint...The Smell of the Crowd (Bricusse/Newley; reh/perf Nov. - Dec.); 4 men, 2 women, plus 4 children (male and female), ages 10-15. Auditions for Roar will be held late July - early August. AEA Contract - BAT, Tier One; stipend to non-AEA cast members. Please send pic/resume to:

Casting, 42nd Street Moon
601 Van Ness #E3-621,
San Francisco 94102.

More info contact: Mike Figueira at mfigueira@42ndstmoon.org or (415) 255-8207.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Like I was saying, Cole Porter is apparently popular

I didn't even realize this, but advertising to the general public for the annual Gala has not even started yet. The only people who officially "know" about it are people on 42nd St. Moon's mailing list and you, dear blog readers.

[In case you've lost track, it's in less than three weeks on May 23rd at 7PM at the Herbst Theatre in San Francisco at 401 Van Ness Avenue at McAllister.]

Even so, the prime seats are selling out to savvy season subscribers even as we speak. According to Moon administrator Annette: "The prime seats are going fast so don't delay... and "open to the public" advertising starts soon, so if you're a true-blue Moonie and want to be there... send your order in today!!"

She sounds excited.

Here's why you should be:

1. The composer is Cole Porter
He, one of the most beloved composers of the American musical theatre, is the man behind witty, bittersweet numbers such as Night and Day, So in Love, You're the Top, It's De-Lovely, Just One of Those Things, Begin the Beguine, Anything Goes and many many more.

2. The guest stars are top-notch
Whether from the world of Broadway, like Brent Barrett and Lea DeLaria, the world of cabaret like Klea Blackhurst and Andrea Marcovicci, or the world of dance like Lawrence Pech and Wendy Van Dyck, we've lined up the cream of the crop. One might even say they're "the top."

You may not be as geeky as me and admit to remembering Barrett from his All My Children days, but I'll redeem my geekiness by saying that I also saw Barrett as the Count in Grand Hotel, and he went on from there to play the romantic leading man in such Broadway revivals as Kiss Me Kate and Annie Get Your Gun. I hoe he won't mind me saying that he is perfectly yummy, and his gorgeous Broadway baritone is definitely part of that! Lea obviously is still fresh in your minds from her triumphant turn as Winifred in last December's Once Upon a Mattress. She has a recently released new CD, Double Standards, which I bought and which is quite cool and eclectic. If you'd like to see a Moon star before their triumphant turn, hen the Gala is the perfect opportunity to see Klea Blackhurst. It's the season opener, so this is your best chance to get a sneak peek at Klea. And Andrea Marcovicci is a gala tradition now...as Greg points out she's been in every one!

Lawrence Pech and Wendy Van Dyck are on board to perform as Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in a tribute to Cole Porter and his classic ballad "Night and Day." That is one of the most famous Astaire/Rogers numbers in their entire acclaimed career, so I'm pretty excited to see it.

3. Your favorite Moonies are also on board.
it wouldn't be the same if you didn't have some of your local favorites up there too, and this year they are represented by David Curley, Bill Fahrner, Michael Patrick Gaffney, Alexandra Kaprielian, Greg MacKellan, Anil Margsahayam, Meg Mackay, Lisa Peers, Darlene Popovic, Stephanie Rhoads, and Steve Rhyne. (And fabulous Dave Dobrusky is the Musical Director.)

4. There are benefit tickets for a range of budgets.
Sure, you can go for the $150-200 premium orchestra tickets, which include a gala reception with the artists following the performance. But there are prices ranging down to $60 in the balcony (it's a benefit, remember!) That's pretty good value if you ask me.

So, what to do: call (415) 392-4400 or buy online at: http://www.cityboxoffice.com/

And when to do it? Apparently pretty soon.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Apparently Rodgers & Hart are popular

When it comes to 42nd St. Moon audiences, they know what they like: Cole Porter and Rodgers & Hart.

According to Greg when we do shows by those composers, sold-out shows are never far behind. So, Moonie audiences, this month should make you very very happy.

There are only two weeks left to the run of The Boys from Syracuse. Opening weekend was almost entirely sold out, so if you haven't jumped on your blog reader's discount of 20% off, now would be the time to do so. Just call the box office at 415-978-2787 and use the code word ONLINE. (Don't you feel like a super secret spy?)

But even after Syracuse closes, Moon audiences will still be happy, because Cole Porter is right around the corner.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Yes, it's my Boys from Syracuse review

As always, I am merely providing a link to my review over at my Personal Blog.

No spoilers to speak of.

Read it here.

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