Tuesday, May 24, 2005

First report on the Gala

I have my first eyewitness report from intrepid 42nd St. Moon Administrator, Annette:

"I am still rather blurry-eyed! Let's just say "what an elegant, swell-egant party it was!" last night at the Herbst Theatre!! I don't want to leave anyone out because everyone was FABULOUS. Big props to everyone - it was such a great show, Cole Porter would have been proud.

Some highlights:

* I got my picture taken with Brent Barrett (OK, now we know what's important, right?). And when he sang... I melted.
* Comic line of the night goes to Andrea Marcovicci (looking stylishly fabulous as always!), who sang to the same woman in the front row as Lea DeLaria did earlier in the evening: "How lucky are you? You get serenaded by me and Lea DeLaria all in the same night... what a dream you're gonna have tonight!"
* Klea Blackhurst's set of "Blow, Gabriel, Blow," "Make It Another Old-Fashioned, Please" and "It's De-Lovely" (a duet with Steve Rhyne), the latter being a sneak peek at our co-stars for Red Hot & Blue, the first show of the 2005-06 season!! Everyone is gonna be in for a treat.
* An amusing rendition of "Friendship" with Michael Patrick Gaffney, Darlene Popovic and Bill Fahrner.
* Anil Margsahayam's rendition of "I Happen to Like New York." (I overheard that it was one of our Board President's favorite moments too, but I don't know if you can quote me on that...)
* Alexandra Kaprielian's beautiful voice on "Love for Sale" and "Dream Dancing."
* Meg Mackay singing "I Love Paris"
* David Curley singing "Just One of Those Things"
* Darlene Popovic singing "Nobody's Chasing Me"
* Lawrence Pech and Wendy Van Dyck added just the right touch of grace and style with their "Fred & Ginger" recreation of "Night and Day."

Annette promises that pictures are coming too. Meanwhile I can just sit here and be jealous thinking about what I missed.

Anyone else out there with a blog review for me?

It was a really lovely evening on all kinds of levels, although speaking as the videographer, the white tuxedos and Meg Mackay's sparkly white dress certainly made filming the thing challenging.

My favorite performances, in no particular order, start with Darlene Popovic who has a quality of stillness to her that is totally compelling, plus a wonderful voice that can do comedy character stuff in a really sophisticated way. I love watching her.

Both Klea Blackhurst and Lea DeLaria were wonderful, looking like they were both having a ball, and picking up the energy enormously whenever they were onstage. I'm quite looking forward to "Red Hot and Blue" after hearing Ms. Blackhurst.

Everybody was good, actually, with the only disappointment being the superstar, Brent Barrett. He's got charm, charisma, and a great voice (and he was extraordinary in the London "Kiss Me Kate" that I saw on PBS) but last night he oversang for the small house. In fact, a lot of the evening was over-mic'd. My favorite thing about the 42nd Street Moon company is that it's the only place outside of the Opera House and Davies Hall where you can hear voices without electronic amplification.

Oh, and Greg MacKellan was a charming host, and Anil Margsahayam did briefly steal the show with "I Happen to Like New York."

Great job, everyone, and I hope you raised some serious bucks.
Wow, glad your comment finally came through!

I agree with you on unamplified voices. It's one of my favorite things about going to see shows at 42nd St. Moon.
I have seen many of the shows performed at 42nd Street Moon and I have been blown away many times by the talented performers. The cast members that performed in Gala were all wonderful, I would have liked to seen more of them and maybe a little less of the "headliners". Alexandra Kaprielian, stood out beyond belief. I have seen her many times in these productions but clearly she is coming into her prime. She looked more beautiful than I have ever seen her and when she sang it created magic.
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