Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Another Gala Audience Review

This time from Michael Austin:

"So sorry you had to miss the Gala. It was a treat.

I really, really, really enjoyed the show last night. Best Gala I've seen so far. I thought it was one the most consistently enjoyable shows I've seen in a long time, from the song excellent selection to the uniformity of the fantastic talent up there. Everyone seemed to be relaxed and happy to be a part of it and it made us happy in the audience too. Not to mention how sharp everybody looked--the men in dapper white dinner jackets a la Cole, and the women in stunning wardrobe all.

Highlights for me were of course Alex Kaprilien's numbers--how wise Greg was to give her so many star moments. Anil Margsahayam's big solo tribute to Manhattan, "I Happen to Like New York," was touching and incredible (where is that one from?); I was so proud when he nailed it and got that amazing applause that seemed to last for a full minute. I also loved Michael Gaffney's very sincere "At Long Last Love" and have already been hectoring him for a copy of the music (and where's
that from?). Also, the "You're the Top" Greg and Michael G. did was the cutest and sweetest thing in the show for sure. A surprise treat to hear Brent Barrett do a very different treatment of the song I got to sing in "Fifty Million Frenchman" ("You've Got That Thing"). And after hearing Klea for myself, I can't wait to see her light up the stage in "Red, Hot and Blue" in September!

The happy crowd Michael mentions, including performer Michael Gaffney:

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