Thursday, May 26, 2005

More from my inside source...

Let's continue, shall we?

"Andrea Marcovicci was in fine form, looked like a million, and just generally having a great time and being gracious with all. She has finally come into the 21st century and has a laptop, which follows her everywhere now. She’s a Mac person, as is Brent."

So funny that my little bird would note their Mac preference...wonder if that was for my benefit, Mac user that I am? Now if I were really clever, I would photoshop a little PowerBook under Andrea's arm into this lovely shot (what a smile!):

"Klea Blackhurst is likewise a kick, and I can tell what fun RED HOT AND BLUE is going to be already."

I think you can see the fun when you see this candid shot. Oh, you know, just three folk standing around the piano and jamming...three folks like Brent, Klea and Lea DeLaria!:

And speaking of Lea...

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