Thursday, May 26, 2005

Mora Gala Tidbits from the INside!

So a little bird had the following to share from behind the scenes at the Gala:

"Lisa Peers invited her new friend, Linda Posner, a very lovely lady who once upon a time was known on Broadway (and in the movies) as Leland Palmer. An early Fosse star, the original Fastrada in PIPPIN, two-time Tony nominee, and so wonderful in the movie ALL THAT JAZZ playing Audrey, the ex-wife character that is based on Gwen Verdon. We had a lovely long chat — Linda has been living in Willits up among the redwoods, but is in SF for three years doing some studying of Jewish history and culture. She has been involved in "dream theatre" -- where people relate their dreams which are then turned into a theatre piece — which sounds fascinating, and I am looking forward to learning more about the whole thing."

I had the Vocal Selections for Pippin and the album and remember Posner/Palmer quite well...especially her sly "Spread a Little Sunshine." She looks pretty much the same as her photo in the Selections, down to the gamine haircut. And here is a picture of Linda now, with Lawrence Pech & Brent Barrett:

Speaking of Brent:

"Brent Barrett was a delight to work with, and amazing calm, cool, and collected, having played a heavy weekend of concerts in Philadelphia, flown to SF Monday morning, played the Gala and partied at the reception -- and then headed back to NYC early Tues afternoon. And tonight he resumes his role as Billy Flynn in CHICAGO!"

And since Annette mentioned in her earlier comments on the Gala that her heart was all a-flutter at getting a photo with is that photo (man, he is tall and strapping, isn't he?):

More coming...

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