Sunday, December 18, 2005

More holiday gifts with a 42nd St. Moon theme

Continuing our helpful holiday advice from yesterday. I've got more on potential theme gifts, this time specific items that are available and would fit in a theme with Mack & Mabel tickets.

Greg did a little research and found a surprising number of Mabel Normand films (most done for Mack Sennett) are available on DVD:

Here's one example, where they have two Sennett productions starring Normand on one DVD. Here's just a general DVD search on Mabel Normand.

There's also one Keystone Kops collection (the Kops being one of Sennett's most famous creations.):

And, finally, there's a fascinating Fatty Arbuckle collection, "The Forgotten Films of Fatty Arbuckle" (Fatty being a major
supporting player in Mack & Mabel.)

Anyone else out there have some favorite items to add to either our Golden Apple or Mack & Mabel theme gifts?

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