Saturday, December 17, 2005

Give the gift of Moon

This just in from intrepid Annette:

"...OK, for all you last minute shoppers, I just took a call from someone wanting to buy some tickets for New Year's Eve. Now the bad part is we're dark until March 23rd, when we open the spring part of our season with THE GOLDEN APPLE... but IT'S STILL A GREAT GIFT. So if you've been procrastinating and know someone that would love to see a 42nd Street Moon show on your list - call (415) 978-2787 and order those tickets today. :-)"

Actually I've done this sort of thing in the past. Sometimes giving those activity-based presents, theatre, movie, concert, etc. is really the only thing to get for those people who seem to have everything...or buy things for themselves before you can get to it.

It'd be nice to pair it with a gift certificate for dinner. There are a couple of nice restaurants within walking distance of the Eureka, where 42nd St. Moon performs. Frisson is right across the street, and it's oh, so hip. MacArthur Park is around the block and a little more traditional.

I love holiday shopping (and I've revealed my secrets to how I get it done here.) One of the secrets is theme gifts. So, here's an example:

The Golden Apple resets the Homeric epics The Iliad and The Odyssey in turn-of-the-century Washington State. Well, you could build a lovely theme gift around that by giving someone tickets to The Golden Apple, a DVD of O Brother, Where Art Thou, the wonderful Coen Brothers movie also based on The Odyssey, and to top it all off, an actual copy of The Odyssey!

Seriously, how clever would you seem with that gift? And all quality entertainment :)

Mack and Mabel is of course about silent film icons Mack Sennett and Mabel Normand...are you feeling the theme? There are tons of books, CD and DVDs that could fit into a theme gift, topped off by tickets to the show live and on stage!

I hope I've provided a public service today and helped those of you still struggling to complete your seasonal shopping.

I gifted two teddy bear to my brother on his birthday, which I purchased from Snapfish store at & saved 25% on this duplicate order..!!
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