Thursday, July 28, 2005

My little bird was wrong!

Greg, as ever, has an eagle eye when it comes to the blog. He scours my posts to make sure I get everything right...and he's not just concerned about theatre info, but historical info and everything else.

Greg has some corrections and additions to what my San Francisco Theatre Festival spy told me the other day:

"Katie Dederian did not sing "Count Your Blessings" at the Theatre Festival, it was Rodgers and Hart's "Little Girl Blue" (one of my personal favorite songs). All the songs were by Porter or Rodgers and Hart ("Count Your Blessings" from White Christmas is by Irving Berlin). And to make the list complete, Stephanie soloed on "I Didn't Know What Time it Was" and Mike Figueira also sang "I'll Tell the Man in the Street" from one of my all-time favorite musicals -- but I don't have to tell you which one, do I?"

No, he doesn't have to tell me, "The Man in the Street" is from I Married an Angel, the first 42nd St. Moon show I was ever in back in 1995 I believe.

It was, in fact, that song that sold me on the whole 42nd St. Moon mojo. Here was the gem of a song...beautiful melody, poignant lyrics, gorgeous song structure, sung just thrillingly by Leslie Hamilton-Hill, and I had never even heard of the song before, let alone heard it or seen it in context. I just remember feeling this thrill at hearing it.

I've never heard a man sing it, sorry I missed it. I personally love to sing songs written for men and hear the reverse.

Anyway, thanks for the more thorough and accurate programme, Greg!

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