Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Recap of Sunday's San Francisco Theatre Festival

...from 42nd St. Moon's intrepid administrator, Annette:

"The theatre festival went really well Sunday. Our little Moon-troupe sang to an SRO audience - which was so great! Mike Figueira and Alex Kaprielian teamed up for a rendition of "De-lovely," Katie Dederian sang "Count Your Blessings" and "Most Men Don't Like Love." Bill and Stephanie sang...Bill, something from "Fifty Million Frenchmen." Alex closed the show with her smoldering "Love for Sale," which brought down the house at May's gala.

At the table outside where we were passing out the literature, I guess the funniest moment was when some guy came up to the table and after looking at our "Uncommon Musicals" brochures that were taped to the front of the table said to us, "UNCENSORED MUSICALS! - I could go for that!" Heehee...

Major props to Russ Lorenson (who you'll soon see in RED HOT & BLUE) and his partner Dr. Philip Rey, who volunteered their Sunday afternoon and came to help out at the table!

Sounds like a good time was had by all.

I myself have become a hermit, because I'm co-organizing this conference (about women and blogging, natch) and it s way more work to put on a conference than I ever inagined.

So I have an appreciation for the organizers of the Theatre Festival that I may not have had a few short months ago.

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