Saturday, April 09, 2005

"Minnie's" just barely open, but "Syracuse" already in the works

The Spring Season is really a one-two punch, with The Boys from Syracuse opening only ten days after Minnie's Boys closes on April 17th.

I've already gotten a little inside scoop from Alexandra Kaprelian, she of the star turn (and the wardrobe malfunction) in Can-Can last Fall.

"This is Alexandra, playing The Courtesan. Brandy Collazo and Nancy Dobbs Owen are playing other Ladies of the Evening along with Kristen Sharpley, and both Brandy and Nancy were in Can Can with me. There is something quite odd that I have noticed. "Lady of the Evening" or "Courtesan" can also be known as "whore." I'm not joking. And what I realized is that I am placed as the whore a lot, and recently, that has been going the same with Brandy and Nancy. I mean, in my first show, Paint Your Wagon, I was a whore along within Oh Captain, Can Can and now this show. Although I didn't play one in Frenchmen, I did get to do some naughty things with the men...(I might have added that on my own though.) Secondly, Brandy and Nancy were my side whore-kicks in Can Can and are now playing the same in this show.

Hmmm, oh well, that just means I can have a lot of fun with the men and that's OK in my book if you ask me.

It's also really interesting to me, because people always have such prim and proper impressions of classic Broadway theatre, especially musicals...but as you can see they are rife with whores and other unsavory characters. OK, usually the whores have hearts of gold, but still.

And classic Broadway musicals have:
Gangsters (Guys & Dolls, Anything Goes, Kiss Me Kate)
Psycho attempted rapists (Oklahoma!)
Wife-beaters (Carousel)
Philanderers (Camelot...and a female philanderer at that!)

Sounds like last week's episodes of The Sopranos, Law & Order SVU and The O.C., no?

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