Saturday, October 09, 2004

42nd St. Moon's Very Own "Wardrobe Malfunction"

Call the FCC. We had a little bit of over-exposure last night. But true to any live theatrical performance: the show went on, and a lot of the audience members I spoke with at intermission thought it was planned.

During the infamous Can-Can number mid-way through the first act Alexandra's skirt snapped? broke? actually I'm not sure, but in any had to come off, or she wouldn't be able to finish the number.

And let's just say what was underneath was rather, um, skimpy. (Although according to Greg, it could have been even skimpier as they had all recently switch from more thong-like undergarments to more modest tap pants-like undergarments!)

And can I just tell you that Alexandra carried on like a trouper, high kicks and all.

Now, due to this malfunction, Alexandra had to wear a different dress in the second act Can-Can number...and she had yet more problems...with bra straps breaking and everything. Again...the smile never left her face.

On an odd coincidental side note: While at the show I ran into a friend from high school. She and I were in choir and theatre together those multiple decades ago, including a production of "Kiss Me Kate" where I had my own wardrobe malfunction. Someone stepped on my skirt undoing all the velcro, and I couldn't get it together in time for a big choreographic moment, so like Alexandra I took off the skirt and threw it off stage. Unlike Alexandra, however, I was wearing what can only be called relatively demure pantaloons underneath.

So, being self-centered, I've decided that last night's wardrobe malfunction was the result of some strange jinx created by the simultaneous presence of both me and a witness to my similar experience 24 years ago. Hey, I admitted it was self-centered, okay?

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