Monday, February 28, 2005

Hee Hee...Greg responds to my heinous accusation that he is "messing with me"

So, as I predicted, Greg read my last post and responded:

First of all, we actually are still waiting for the rights on the "eyebrow-raising" show. Although everyone involved can't imagine there'd be a problem, the bottom line is that the dotted line has not been signed. Not only that, but one of those special Gala guests that I wanted to blab about is also mid-negotiation. And believe me there are jokes I want to make about monochromatic M&M requests or something like that, but I'd best keep my blog mouth shut.

So, the printing of the brochure has now become a calculated it better to go to print with something you're 99% sure will happen, or with a glaring 'TBA' slot in your season. We're betting on the former.

So I didn't have the whole, entire story wholly, entirely correct. And as it turns out, hard to believe I'm sure, but Greg has more important things on his mind than messing with me! It's always a shock when the world doesn't revolve around me, isn't it? Well, okay, shocking to me. Shocking to you? Not so much.

But to quote Greg:

"See -- there’s just too much going on with rights, problems, etc, for me to be "messing" with you!  I’m too busy messing with the same kind of %$&@ I have to mess with all the time -- and none of this is out of the norm for running a theatre company, even the long delay on (show to be revealed later)."

Again, I think I have to file this window I've had into the 2005/2006 season announcement process under "you learn something new about walking a mile in someone else's shoes every day."

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