Sunday, February 27, 2005

OK, I think Greg is just messing with me now!

So, the season is finalized...we got the rights we were waiting for. The brochure is going to the printers on Monday.

And Greg tells me...just wait until i give you the sign to publish it on the blog. Only he told me that on Wednesday!

I have been patient, and I have been good. But really it's less fun than you'd think having some exciting good news all to yourself.

Like the fact that yes, we did get the rights to the Number One request audience show. Like we are also doing a show that I'm sure some folks are going to raise their eyebrows at.

Oh, and like there's one more person confirmed to perform in our gala that will raise eyebrows addition to Lea and Brent Barrett, whose performances I already divulged.

But here I sit, in possession of all this great info, bound not to reveal it. And in about 10 minutes I'm leaving to have brunch with two Moonies. How will I contain myself?

Actually, I know Greg reads this blog religiously, so I'm hoping he'll read this and take pity on me the green light to blab away.


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