Thursday, June 15, 2006

Some Li'l Abner switcheroos

Greg sent a note to the Li'l Abner cast to alert them to some staff/cast changes, and figured it was a blog-worthy heads up:
First, some of you may know that the original plan for this show was that I was going to be playing Marryin' Sam. Due to some family situations, I finally decided that I needed to withdraw from that role. We were lucky, though, to get Doug Santana to replace me. I know a lot of you know Doug, and he worked with us in The Cabaret Girl a couple of years back.

But wait! There's more! Chapter Two:

Some of you may also already know that, likewise because of family considerations, Dyan McBride has regretfully had to withdraw as director of Li'l Abner. So, with time short and options limited (and with the time commitment much less than if I were performing), her replacement will be -- me! I guess I am destined to do this show after all, and I am really excited that I will indeed get to be working with all of you.

The production team has already met, and Tom Segal and I have been throwing around ideas for some of those big numbers (including a really nifty one for the Sadie Hawkins Day race that we'll let you know about shortly)

Sometimes it's hard to keep up!

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