Friday, June 16, 2006

Moonie in the World: Brian Yates Sharber

Brian, who has trod the Moon stage on more than one occasion, most recently in Roar and Minnie's Boys, has an update for us:
I wanted to let you (and hopefully all of the more internet-savvy people of the world) know that someone actually hired me again!! I am going to be in the SF Playhouse summer production of Putting It Together! With Dianna Shuster directing, and the cast and artistic team we have, it's sure to be lots of fun. Our show opens on Gay Pride weekend (6/24). A Sondheim revue opening Gay Pride weekend? I'm not sure that [producer] Bill, et. al. is aware of this potential coup.

Checking out the show's press release, I can also see that Moonie stalwart Dave Dobrusky is the Musical we can breathe easy knowing the music is in excellent hands!!!

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