Tuesday, June 20, 2006

It's only fair...

I've been contacted a couple of times recently by Victoria, a Marketing Director for a company called WiredSet that does marketing for a lot of music-oriented clients...including Harry Connick Jr. So far I hadn't felt compelled to post about the things she sent me, and truth be told, I hadn't yet even been polite enough to respond!

But Victoria is an example of a smart blog marketer, continuing to keep track of what I'm writing and looking for opportunities to present something relevant to me. And she totally found one!

She wrote me the following note yesterday:
Thanks for posting about the Tony Awards! Its great that you posted how you honestly felt about the Awards and their winners! I was wondering if there is the possibility to post up some song clips from Harry's latest album to give your readers the opportunity to hear for themselves. Thanks for your time and enjoy the clips once again!

OK, I will totally bite. I said Harry seemed a little uncomfortable, and yes, I will post clips from his latest album, Harry on Broadway, Act 1, so y'all can hear for yourselves.

The first CD of the 2-CD set features songs from The Pajama Game, and here are some clips:

A New Town is a Blue Town
Pajama Game

The second CD features songs from Connick Jr's Broadway composing debut, Thou Shalt Not:

I Like Love More
The Other Hours

They are quite short clips, but I'd have to say I'm far more intrigued by Thou Shalt Not. There's a kind of languid, retro feeling to both clips.

So, anyone out there a Harry fan who already has the album? If so, what do you think?

Ok, I'll bite! I haven't listened to Thou Shalt Not yet because, well, I like to save a little something for later. It might sound dumb, but you never know when his next CD will come out, and this way, I've still got a "new one" to listen to, if the next new one is a year or so away, God forbid.

Anyway, "Pajama Game." Full disclosure: I haven't seen the movie or the musical. But for unrelated reasons, I have the soundtrack CD to the Doris Day movie, which I hadn't listened to (it was a gift). For kicks, I listened to one, then the other.

I love Doris Day. I love Doris Day musicals. *shudder* This one ... not good. I listened to the same songs from Harry's CD, and everything is much improved. This cast has better singers, the production values are better, and as a result, it just sounds crisper and more enjoyable.

Oh, and Harry's in fine voice. :)
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