Monday, June 05, 2006

Annette's Excellent Adventure

Here's a report from the Intrepid Annette on where the next generation of Moonies might be found:
So, where are the future 42nd Street Moon performers?

Well, some of them are probably in the Danville Girls Chorus! I ventured out of the City (and across the Bay Bridge!) on Saturday to see their show, "That's Broadway!" I went to see a friend's daughter perform and was treated to songs by some of 42nd Street Moon's best friends: Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, Yip Harburg, Rodgers and Hart and more! Congrats to artistic director Kenneth Abrams, staff and chorus for putting on a fine show. (They sang songs from everything like "It's De-lovely," to "Over the Rainbow," to medleys from "Oklahoma!" and the faculty-performed "West Side Story".)

They also sang a song from "Leave It To Me!", but I didn't keep the program, so I don't know which tune.

To find out more about the DGC, please visit their website.

Wow...all the way across the Bay Bridge! I get in trouble with my East Bay friends all the time because I look at it as some far-off foreign land, not even really the Bay Area! (One friend used to chastise me pretty strongly, telling me her hometown of Alameda was actually on the bay!!!)

It's ironic I should behave that way, given I lived in Queens when I live in NYC, and I heartily lamented the fact that my Manhattan friends looked down their noses at other boroughs and rarely, if ever, crossed a bridge to visit me.

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