Saturday, June 10, 2006

And now for something completely different

Intrepid Annette has another review for us, but this time for something off the typical Moonie path: musical politicl parody from the Capitol Steps.

According to Annette:
Favorite line of the night was something like...

Said by Iraqi/Middle Eastern-looking characters:

"You Americans take all the rights you have for granted... rights like... THE RIGHT TO DO MUSICAL THEATRE! " And then they launched into a Gilbert & Sullivan parody. I laughed loudly at that one.

Another funny number was a parody of "Springtime for Hitler" from "The Producers," called "Springtime for Liberals...and Hilary!"

No punches were held back... they made fun of everyone on the political scene ("Dubya," Dick Cheney, Barack Obama, Hilary, John Kerry, the Supreme Court Justices,
and more) - although they didn't take a swing at Mayor Newsom... but they did take a swing (excuse the pun) at Barry Bonds. They also did a parody about illegal immigrants called "Juan," sung to the tune of "One" from "A Chorus Line."

Annette points out they're playing in Santa Cruz tonight, so it's not too late to check them out :)

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