Thursday, May 04, 2006

UPDATED: Mack and Mabel online review

TheatreWorld Internet Magazine has published a review of Mack and Mabel in their latest issue. They don't really have it set up with convenient Permalinks to individual sections, let alone specific reviews, so let me excerpt some of their kinds words:
"It certainly worked with local favorites Bill Fahrner as Mack and Cindy Goldfield as Mabel both in excellent voice with Fahrner doing the best acting to make Sennett come to life."

"A strong supporting cast includes charming, handsome local favorite Steve Rhyne (Frank as in Frank Capra), Kalon Thibodeaux as Mr. Kessel, Benjamin Pither as Mr. Bauman and special kudos to Sean Partrick Murtagh for the pitch perfect role of Fatty Arbuckle."

"This, Dyan McBride’s directorial debut at 42nd Street Moon, is excellent and reflects her past experience as actor, director and teacher. She is supported by the always competent musical director Dave Dobrusky and choreographer (42nd Street debut for Staci Arriaga ) who includes individual and ensemble soft shoe and tap dancing with four bathing beauties (Christa Boggs, Fiona Cheung, Molly Ann Coogan, Mary Kalita)."

UPDATED: Greg wrote to update me on one little erratum in the above review:
Mack & Mabel does not mark Dyan McBride's directorial debut with us! She directed a fun production of the Jule Styne/Comden & Green musical Do Re Mi for us back in 2001, featuring Bob Green, Lisa Peers, Richard Pardini, and Patrick Leveque. After that, she disappeared into the wilds of UC Davis, where she spent the intervening years acquiring her MFA, or we would have had her back well before this!

Thanks as ever Greg, for being so on the ball for the blog.

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