Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A word from Mack and Mabel's director

The cast of Mack and Mabel has been rehearsing for about a week, and director Dyan McBride (yes, she's a frequent Moon performer too...and will be starring in next season's Flora the Red Menace) has some inside scoop:
I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know what a hot, hot, hot show Mack and Mabel is going to be. This cast and crew are so quick and willing to jump in and make theatre. Directing this past week has been a total joy because I come in with a ground plan and an idea and they just run with it. So many pictures that have been revolving in my head are coming to life better than I could imagine. Cindy Goldfield is so athletic and unafraid of falling, jumping, moving, kissing or doing anything that might make someone else blush, that directing her is a pleasure of the highest degree. Bill Fahrner was already memorized and rolling when he walked in the door. His insight into Mack's character is lovely because he's finding all the humor and nuance of this very complicated man. Their chemistry is steamy and intense.

Tap babies abound, clowns are pratfalling left and right, harmonies are starting to get tight and we're just having fun. I hope this really translates to the audience. I haven't been so excited about showing something to people in a long time. We are back to a traditional format of no props and staying onstage as much as possible. Actors enter from their seat and it looks cool. The brilliant Staci Arriaga is choreographing, and she's always prepared and when I need her to, she just whips something brilliant off the top of her head. We've even made Dave Dobrusky play the character of Ellis (a piano player, so he's a natural)

Musical Maestro David Dobrusky playing a role in the show?! I did not know that. Should be fun.

So, if you're not caught up in Dyan's enthusiasm and passion, you need to drink a cup o' coffee and wake up! Wow!

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