Monday, April 03, 2006

Intrepid Annette's Golden Apple review, in brief

Got a little email from Intrepid Annette, the 42nd St. Moon Administrator, today. It included a very brief capsule review of The Golden Apple:
I saw GOLDEN APPLE yesterday afternoon and enjoyed it a lot. Greg has put together a wonderful ensemble -- the show is completely sung-through and a departure from regular Moon fare. You really have to pay attention and listen to follow the storyline. Some of my favorite numbers were "It's the Going Home Together," "My Picture in the Papers," "Store-Bought Suit," "Goona-Goona Lagoon" and "Circe."

If I can expound a bit on what Annette means by a departure from regular Moon fare, well, I write the blog, so I guess I can :)

Anyway, it's not as true now, because the Moon has been doing more and more modern, but rarely-produced musicals, but lots of the Moon ouevre is drawn from shows pre-Oklahoma! know that seminal musical that was the first to feature songs that furthered the plot. (Showboat only went halfway there in case you're about to protest.)

Anyway, besides that point, there is also the point that sung-thru musicals were pretty unheard of until more modern times. The Golden Apple is probably about 20 years ahead of its time in that regard!

I'm seeing it this weekend, and I can't wait.

I agree with Annette and would also add "Hector's Song" and "Lazy Afternoon" to that list. What fabulous music and vocals!!!

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