Thursday, April 20, 2006

Intrepid Annette on Mack and Mabel

The first (and some would say one of the most important) review is in!

What did Intrepid Annette think of Mack and Mabel?
"Lights, Camera, Action! I went to the dress rehearsal of MACK &
MABEL last night - I laughed, I cried and was totally swept away into the early days of Hollywood. What's more, I think audiences will recognize and (want to sing with) a lot of these songs like: "I Won't Send Roses," "Movies Were Movies," "Tap Your Troubles Away," and "Time Heals Everything." I think it's a very recognizable score! (I also love how they actually gave our whiz Music Director Dave Dobrusky a character role this time around - but you'll have to come see the show to check it out!)

Kudos to our talented cast, director Dyan McBride,choreographer Staci Arriaga and costumer Loran Watkins on a job well done. Previews start TONIGHT at 8!

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