Wednesday, March 22, 2006

So big it has its own cameo role

Sometimes getting your costume, or putting on the right shoes can make a character click for you. Getting into their physicality is a big part of getting into character.It's harder to play a genteel lady, for example, while you're in rehearsal sweats and sneaks.

But sometimes the first attempts are, well, not exactly as intended. Sounds like it was that way last night, at least according to this dispatch form Golden Apple cast member Carly:

"With all of the craziness of getting everything in order, Russ Lorenson tried to add something to his...costume...last night in Act 2 which was...a...mustache. He came out on stage and we all fell over in our chairs...his entire good looking face had been distorted by this...thing. I whispered unprofessionally to my left to Caroline Altman who plays Penelope that it was the new style dubbed "The Russtache" and now "The Russtache" has been born, and it lives on!! The Russtache made it's one night debut last night, and caused great amusement for us all."

So, Russ: did you realize the impact you had on your poor fellow cast members with the "Russtache"?

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