Monday, March 27, 2006

Golden Apple Production Shot #2

OK, The Golden Apple is obviously chock full of sex and romance. To be fair, after posting the picture of hot Paris, here's one for those play on the other team: hot Circe (aka Nina Josephs.)

Actually this is a great shot all the way around. I love the framing of the dancing men, and they are all in synch very well...kudos to them.

I'm waiting for a report back from Opening Weekend, which I did not get to attend. I'm heading off to NYC this morning (no time to see theatre probably, oh so sadly.) So, I had a lot of stuff to get done all weekend. Hopefully I'll haul myself up to the City next weekend.

Anyone out there see a performance this weekend? What did you think?

We saw the show Friday night and just want to say thanks for doing it. I was so curious about this I wouldn't have cared (well, maybe a little!) about the quality, but everyone did a great job and we were SO impressed at how difficult this show must be to perform. No books either!

"Lazy Afternoon" is going to be one of THOSE "Moon" forever-haunting moments, right up there with the wrenching emotionalism of "Fanny," Tom Elliott's sheriff in "Girl Crazy" and Martin Lewis's "Spring Is Here."
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