Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Golden Apple behind-the-scenes

Got a rehearsal report from Moonie Kristopher McDowell, currently playing Hector in The Golden Apple. (Of course Moon fans will remember him as Cocky in last year's The Roar of the Greasepaint.)
I immediately bonded with Alex Kaprielian's Helen when I heard her treatment of THE GOLDEN APPLE's 'Lazy Afternoon' in Act One and am I pleased to join her onstage in the second act for my second favorite song 'Picture in the Papers'. The lyrics in this show are genuinely funny and the music interesting, complex and delightful.

My advice is to attend the show to hear the entire classic story and intelligent score. If your only experience of this show is having heard or been exposed to the original Broadway cast album, I urge you to come see this production for yourself and experience how much more dynamic and entertaining this show can be!

Actually, his comment reminds me of something composer Jerome Moross' daughter Susanna told me in our interview. I've been meaning to post it, because it's an interesting little tidbit:
The recording is frustrating because it’s not the full show. At the time RCA would not do a 2-record album. And since it was sung-thru, it was obviously longer.

At the recording session John La Touche had to write couplets to tie together the disparate pieces they chose to record, so it made some sense. But even though it’s truncated, you can hear the talent that’s there.

So, to Kristopher's point, the cast album is just a tasty morsel compared to the meal that is the full score!

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