Monday, March 06, 2006

Excerpt from a glowing review of the original production of Golden Apple

Robert Coleman has a disconcerting habit of referring to himself with the royal "we", so I spent some time wondering if he was involved with the production in some way. But no, he's a critic, and here are some of the thoughts he put to paper after seeing the original Broadway production of The Golden Apple.
When we went to the Phoenix for the premiere of "The Golden Apple", we were a little apprehensive. From what we had heard it sounded like a noble experiment. We feared that it would be precious and pretentious. Instead it turned out to be an utterly delightful musical satire. It was art without being arty.

OK, I can't help but remark that it's a bit of the pot calling the kettle black for someone who refers to himself as a "we" to call anything pretentious, no? I'm guessing (hoping) that was the standard of the day.

But I'm gonna cut the guy some slack, since he also says:
"The Golden Apple" strikes us as being the most important musical since "Oklahoma!" and No less revolutionary, in our opinion, is "The Golden Apple."

There's more, but I'll whet your appetite with those choice quotes.

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