Monday, January 30, 2006

Wow, another sad passing: Wendy Wasserstein

Intrepid Annette just sent me word that Wasserstein has lost her battle with cancer.

My S.O., folks and I were just talking abut her last night, because we had tix to what was going to be her first musical, presented by Theatreworks, later this year. The show had already been "postponed" due to her illness.

Perhaps the thing that has stick most in my mind about Wasserstien was the somewhat fairy-tale story of how a man, a NYC Transit cop, won Jeopardy by providing Wasserstein's name as the right answer in Final Jeopardy. Later they met and dated. As a fan of both the theatre and of Jeopardy, what could be a more romantic tale!

She was only 55, and I think it's a sad, premature loss for, obviously her family, including a 7 year old daughter, but also for the theatre world.

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