Saturday, January 07, 2006

Wonderful review of Elaine Stritch's interpretive artistry

Today the NY Times review Elaine Stritch and her new cabaret act at the Carlyle.

The philosophize at length on one of my pet topics: actors who sing vs. singers who can't act their way out of a paper bag, but sound so very lovely.

Well, they don't actually frame it that way at all, but it's clear that if the reviewer can gush about Stritch in all her scratchy, brassy glory, all because she manages to make each phrase seem to have real and personal meaning...then you know he favors the actors who sing.

In popular music that's why I can listen at length to a Lou Reed or a Tom Waits, neither of whom have a voice you would call beautiful, but both of who have a delivery that is individual and specific.

So, who do you love even though you know they don't have the greatest pure voice in the world?

Here are a few of my favorites with imperpect voices:
Bette Midler, Bruce Springsteen, Lou Reed, Willie Nelson, Warren Zevon, Janis Joplin...
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