Friday, January 20, 2006

Patti LuPone has some advice to audience members

Patti has a semi-blog. She calls it "Ramblings", and rambling is obviously perfectly acceptable blogging behavior. BUt she does ramble fairly infrequently, and you know we bloggers loves us some frequent posting.

This month's ramble is about the bad behavior engaged in by today's Broadway audiences, but it could easily be applied to movie theatres and even the Symphony. Such behaviors include:

Sleeping. She asks "Are they drunk, are they crazy, do they have narcolepsy?"
Eating. She relates: "I told him in the curtain call not to eat in the theatre. Why would you spend a hundred bucks to eat in the theatre?"
Drinking. She describes: "The other guy pulled out a bottle of Bud and was swigging it during the second act. He was drunk in the curtain call and made Michael Cerveris high five him."

OK, I think 42nd St. Moon might have had the occasional sleeper, and surely has the had the rude eater...but the drunk, make-the-cast-high-fiver? I haven't heard that story, if it exists!

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