Thursday, January 05, 2006

Greg rises to the challenge: 2006/2007 season scoop

OK, all rights are not yet cleared, but greg has given me hints about each of the shows that we are trying to get for next season. guess away! (He actually yold me the answers, thus depriving me of the right to guess.) Here are the hints:

"Pending rights approval, we'll have one show (possibly two) by a famous, more contemporary composer-lyricist team whom we have never done before -- plus a fabulous guest star appearing in one of the greatest of all Cole Porter scores -- plus a colorful "lost hit" from the 50s, and the return of two of the Golden Age's greatest songwriters, who've been absent from our stages for six or seven years now."

OK, those hints are pretty oblique. Or do I mean opaque? But I look forward to guesses.

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