Friday, December 16, 2005

Moonie in the World: Lianne Marie Dobbs

Lianne Marie Dobbs goes so far back with the Moon that Greg, in listing her Moon shows (Babes in Arms,Nymph Errant, Funny Face, and Dear World) forgot to mention her first Moon show, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. The reason I know? Because it was the final Moon show that I was involved with as a performer.

Lianne went on to perform at TheatreWorks, ACT and other theatres in the area, and now apparently she has moved on to the East Coast, because Greg tells me she is also in White Christmas, just the Boston company, not the SF company.

PS-I love having any opportunity to tease Greg, since he's always catching me on things...but in fact this morning he emailed me about Lianne and "Tree", right as I published this post, so in truth he did remember.

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