Monday, December 05, 2005

The Family Matinee was a big hit!

And you have to hear about the contest Moonie (and children's theatre educator) Caroline Altman ran wih the kids:

The game on Saturday was a "Rules Contest!" and we thought you'd like to see the winners' answers:

The Game: Sir has been very particular about rules for life and the game, but he has created an unfair way to play.

If you were going to make rules for how people should get along and follow their dreams in the world, what would they be? Use your heart and creativity in making good rules for us to live by...

Winner #1 - Harry, age 8

1. Don't make up rules as you're going along.
2. Don't argue.
3. Be yourself.
4. Respect other people's dreams.
5. Don't let yourself be pushed around.

Winner #2 - Melissa, age 13

1. Always make rules and stick to them no matter if you're losing.
2. Be fair.
3. Be kind to others even if they are not as wealthy or smarter than you.
4. Be thankful for what you have and don't take advantage of others.
5. Always make the game fun and enjoyable for everyone.

Winner #3 - Remi, age 3 (!)

1. Share toys.
2. Be nice.
3. Clean up your mess.
4. Help each other.
5. Take turns.

What was that book? Everything I need to know I learned in kindergarten, right? These kids definitely qualify as supporting evidence to that book's thesis, huh?

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