Sunday, December 04, 2005

Another excellent "Roar" review on Talkin' Broadway

Richard Connema has written a rave review of Roar of the Greasepaint, including these key excerpts:

"Craig Jessup (Miss Liberty and for 20 years played cabarets throughout the U.S and Canada) is stunningly good as Sir, a role full of haranguing, browbeating and ill will concealed under a coating of refinement and charisma."

"Brian Yates Sharber (Minnie's Boys, Hooray for What!) stands out as The Black Man in the upbeat song "Feeling Good." K.S. Haddock (wrote Thanatics that debuted at the Exit Theatre this summer) is effective as the Bully and looks hilarious in a ballet costume in one scene."

"Cindy Goldfield, who directed and choreographed the dances, shows her skilled hand on this uncommon musical. David Dobrusky once again is first-rate on the piano.

As always Rochard enjoys giving his readers some background on the shows he reviews, so that's another reason to check out the review.

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