Thursday, December 01, 2005

Add this to the list of things I need to go to NYC to see

Let's review the list so far:
The new Sweeney Todd Broadway production
Groovelily putting on Striking 12 off-Broadway
The Darwin exhibit at the Museum of Natural History

And now...

A cabaret show built around the songs of one of my music crushes, Rufus Wainwright. Never heard of the singer, but I'm also intrigued that it's a woman. I love hearing songs sung by the opposite gender than originally performed. In fact I love singing songs written for men. At least you know they won't be comparing you to the original :)

Hmmm, but NYC in the winter really isn't my cup o' tea. Nor do I have any non-personal reason to go, so no write-offs allowed. It would be very impulsive and impractical indeed.

(Which is a good reason, in and of itself!)

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