Friday, November 04, 2005

The new "Sweeney" sounds amazing

I read Ben Brantlee's review of the new Sweeney Todd in the Times this morning and was blown away, not only by the description of the show, but by the quality of the writing in his review. Truly a great piece of theatre criticism.

Sweeney was in previews while I was in NYC a couple of weeks ago. Everyone suggested The Light in the Piazza, and I did enjoy it tremendously. But now I'm feeling a little buyer's remorse. The original 1979 production of Sweeney Todd remains my top theatrical experience (as an audience member) ever. It is my favorite Sondheim, and Sondheim my favorite composer.

So what am I doing writing for 42nd St. Moon, who may never do a Sondheim show...other than Do I Hear a Waltz, of course? I have varied taste, what can I say. I also love Jerome Kern and Cole Porter and the Gershwins and Rodgers & Hart. They all write great American music.

Anyway. I have seen many incarnations of Sweeney, the original Broadway production, the subsequent national tour, the "Teeny Sweeney" of the 1980's, the NY City Opera version, the NY Opera Ensemble version, and locally at TheatreWorks, Foothill, Cabrillo College.

I wanna see this one too!

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