Tuesday, November 01, 2005

More on Greg's (lack of) accent...and another "reveal" on the season

Because I hate to be wrong I was bugging Greg about his parents and their accents...hoping perhaps one of them had a drawl he has picked up on. He has shot me down :(

"Father from Seattle, Mother from Texas, but not an accent between them (She says it's because she trained as a teacher and had it drummed into her -- by my father -- that she needed not to have any kind of accent in California or she'd be regarded as a "hick." This would have been well before I was on the scene.)"


But on the bright side, Greg did give me another "reveal" on next season. While not 100% confirmed, it is highly likely that the Gershwin piece to which Greg alluded will be Pardon My English, which Encores revived to great acclaim in 2004. Songs include "Isn't It a Pity?," "The Lorelei," "My Cousin in Milwaukee," and it's about a nightclub entertainer who gets hit on the head with a bottle and becomes a thief. Nearly a documentary, then, huh?

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