Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Moonie in the World: Will Giammona

Will Giammona, last seen as one of the Antipholi in The Boys from Syracuse, is once again playing a stalwart lad. This time he's Lancelot in camelot at the Morrisson Theatre in Hayward. (That used to be the Little Theatre, for those of you who were wondering.)

Will provides the following run-down on what you will get to see him do in the show:

- wear armor
- sing
- wear tights
- talk with a french accent
- bring dead people back to life
- not wear pants
- sing some more (in french this time)
- seduce a married woman

"Just another Saturday night", according to Will!

The show runs Nov. 4th to Dec. 4th (Th/F/Sat at 8, Sun at 2) and you'll need to get tickets ahead of time as it's starting to sell out. Go here for more details.

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