Monday, November 28, 2005

Meet "The Kid": Annie Donahey

Despite what WC Fields might think we're working with a great kid in The Roar of the Greasepaint, Annie Donahey as "The Kid."

I got a chance to ask Annie some questions about her experience as a younger actor in a 42nd St. Moon production, and got some great responses from her. She's clearly already a pro:

"I have been performing for three years, since I was 9 years old. I saw "Phantom" on Broadway in August 2001. It was my first Broadway musical, and I was dazzled by it. I auditioned for "Annie" at Peninsula Youth Theatre, and I got the role of Mollie. Being on stage was such a thrill, I knew I had to keep doing it. I definitely want to pursue theatre as a career.

This is my second show for 42nd Street Moon. I was Honeylou in "Finian’s Rainbow." Being around professional actors was both exciting and inspiring. The adults were so inclusive, and I really enjoyed working with Greg MacKellan, the choreographer (and now Director of "Roar") Cindy Goldfield, and the director, Bonnie Hellman. I learned so much! I have done both children’s theatre (six plays) and adult theatre (four plays). I enjoy both, but I think I learn more from the adults.

I was a little curious, though, about where Annie lived and how her parents felt about her working with an adult theatre group, in San Francisco, no less. Given that Annie is younger than driving age, it's almost like there are two people with this time commitment, after all:

"I live in Los Altos, about an hour away. It is very stressful; if I can’t finish my homework before time to go to rehearsal, I have to do it in the car on the way up. Since I want to learn as much as I can, if they want me to stay late, I do. Some days I don’t get home until almost midnight. The next day I am really tired. My mom and dad definitely support me, but they are very concerned about how it takes time away from homework and school. But they are very proud of me when I do theatre and when I get good grades. So as long as I can get good grades while doing theatre, then they support me 100%."

That was my parents' condition when I did theatre in high school too. Bring home reasonable grades, and we will let you do what you want. Of course, they didn't have to drive my for 45 minutes to do so; I stayed pretty close to home. I think when you applaud Annie at the end of a Roar performance, perhaps a little of that applause goes to her parents!

Annie has a favorite Roar moment for you to look out for:

"My favorite "Roar" moment, and I am not in it, is in the song, “Where Would I Be?” with Sir and Cocky, where they finish each other’s sentences and not in the nicest way!"

Thanks for the interview sound wise beyond your years!

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