Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Heading to DC? Have I got the theatre blog for you!

Wish I had found this blog before I headed off on my DC vacation.

DC Theatre Reviews features all thing theatre DC, which from the looks of it has a more thriving theatre community than I knew.

Anyway, they have been so kind as to add this blog to their blog roll, so I am going to do the same. If you're ever off to our nation's capital, this is the site to check out for local theatre info.

Actually, Potomac Stages offers a far more comprehensive site for the DC theater scene with a reputable critic who reviews nearly every show in the area.

Thanks! Very comprehensive site indeed.

Although, for my readers I would clarify: potomacstages is a traditional web site, not a blog.
Thanks for the plug :-)

Ahh.. but all wish to be reputable! What we are trying to do that no one else in DC does is provide links to most of the reviews in the major print publications and on line reviewers as well as our own. We link to reviews in the mentioned Potomac Stages, The Washington Post, The Washington Times, The City Paper, The DCist, A few websites and Metro Weekly.

So.. One can come to our site and be linked to 4 or 5 reviews of the same play to make a good decision. We think there is room for everyone, and link to everyone.

We also work with the local theatre companies to promote their productions without cost because many are on shoestring budgets. Most of the other sites or print media charge for advertising. We post pay-what-you-cans, special promotions and fundraisers to promote theatre in DC.
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