Saturday, November 05, 2005

A glimpse behind-the-scenes of Miss Liberty

From Mark D. Messersmith, who plays multiple roles, including the Sattue of Liberty sculptor himself, Monsieur Bartholdi:

"I would love to let blog readers know that David [Curley-playing Horace] and I are a couple and this is such a joy for us, being the first show we've done together since SHE LOVES ME and FIDDLER. We met on SHE LOVES ME at Foothill and have each done several shows with Theatreworks and other Companies, but have not done a show together

Wish I could talk smack but it's a very happy cast. Some groups of people don't get along or bond well in shows but this cast is very good natured, extremely talented, and we like each other's company. Of course there are a few noteworthy goofs...

- Cast member X left a cell phone on backstage opening night and it rang during an early scene(oopsie, no names). Luckily, Nina and I were backstage to stop it:>

- During the final dress without audience, Lisa Peers came onstage looking for Monique but called out her own name instead, slapping her forehead in protest (that's what rehearsal is for.)

- Greg Lucas stumbled on the stairs as a newsboy opening night, but all of this is minor.

I would like to thank Greg for bringing me into this production and the Moon family, where I am so comfortable. The Bay Area is blessed with the Moon producing forgotten or half remembered shows, as evidenced by nearly sold out houses. Their seasons are always a surprise, and perhaps they could produce something from Britain like 'Lock Up Your Daughters' or step ever so gingerly into the future with vocal reviews by Maltby/Shire or John Bucchino. (hint.)

Greg has been revealing next season's shows bit by bit (so far we've got Do I Hear a Waltz? and Pardon My English. We'll have to see what other tricks the Moon has up its sleeve for next year.

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