Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Everybody wants to be a star

Out to dinner here in DC the other night we happened do pick a place that is like Max's Opera Cafe and features singing waiters.

Our waiter happened to approach our table as I was explaining the background of one of the songs being performed and commented that it was unusual that I was familiar with the tune. My mom pipes up out of nowehere to share with the waiter that I was Equity. Thanks, Mom...still know how to embarrass your daughter much?

Anyway, conversation ensues and waiter shares that he's starting a theatre company with three friends. He's very fascinated to hear about 42nd St. Moon and the kind of marketing I do for them, including this blog.

Just about everywhere I go I run into people intrigued by blogging. It's a little more rare for me to run into people intrigued by theatre-specific blogging. And I wasn't expecting it in DC.

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