Thursday, November 24, 2005

Cross-post from FMT-in case you're a Moon fan and a Renthead

Like Sweeney Todd, Rent is a show that 42nd St Moon will probably never perform (maybe in the year 2105?) But I'm figuring some of you are like me and interested in musicals both "classic" and modern:

As always the NY Times wins the award for most beautifully written review.

And Entertainment Weekly has done us the favor of compiling links to reviews from around the country, including the Merc's unfavorable one.

The most personal review: My brother and sister-in-law got to go to the movie premiere in New York last week. Their kids go to the same school as director Chris Columbus' kids, and every year he donates some movie-oriented prize to the annual school benefit. My sis-in-law bid on and won the package to go to the premiere (and the after-party.)

Their comments:

Bro: "I've never seen the show, but I would say the movie was very well done, around half the songs (mostly those that didn't rock out) are very good to great, and the plot was a bit meandering and didn't move me to anywhere near the extent rentheads generally seem to be moved. On the whole cast/age thing, I would say idina had the biggest "too old" issue. I'm hopeful that the collins/angel relationship may actually be palatable for middle america."

Sis-in-law: "I think the Tom/Angel relationship didn't ring true to me at all. At the beginning, it seemed satirical, as if they were making fun of it. I agree with the rest of your brother's comments."

But perhaps the most telling review of all: My sister-in-law has loaded a newly minted picture of herself with Jesse L. Martin at the after-party as her cell phone's new wallpaper!

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