Thursday, November 17, 2005

A couple more shots from Miss Lib's closing weekend

There was another theatre luminary in the audience on Saturday night, George Gaynes (née Jongeyans.)

According to Greg:

"He starred in the original cast of "Out of This World" as Jupiter (opposite the legendary Charlotte Greenwood), but by the time, two years later, when he became Rosalind Russell's leading man in "Wonderful Town," he had changed his name from Jongeyans to Gaynes. (Dutch father, Russian mother). He had a noteworthy movie-TV career in the late 70s-80s, especially including his role as the TV soap star besotted with Dustin Hoffman's 'Dorothy' in "Tootsie," and on the TV series "Punky Brewster.""

I remember him very well from Tootsie which is, of course, one of the great movies about acting and actors.

What I didn't first realize is that George is married to original Miss Liberty, Allyn Ann McLerie. Imagine the "good old days" conversations the two of them get to have! Irving Berlin, Cole Porter, Comden & Green. Wow.

So, here are two more wonderful post-show photos:

Here's Allyn Ann McLerie, Stephanie, George Gaynes and Greg:

And here's the entire cast and staff with their two special guests:

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