Sunday, October 23, 2005

With Liberty's Opening only days away...

A nice report from Miss Liberty's leading man, David Curley:

"I have been meaning and intending to write something about MISS LIBERTY for the blog since the first day of rehearsal…but having just come off a show at San Jose Rep the day before we started, and trying to keep my parents entertained who were visiting from Michigan…not to mention trying to learn a whole bunch of harmonies that are much more complex than I would have imagined for Irving Berlin…well…umm…well here I am now…

I’m so happy to be part of this show and part of the larger Irving Berlin celebration. I was one of those people who thought he only liked contemporary musical theatre…never really giving these older shows a chance. Working at 42nd Street Moon has changed that forever. It’s always a plus to rid oneself of ignorance.

I love the economy of MISS LIBERTY. It doesn’t wear out its welcome. The first act is shorter than most musicals…and the 2nd act flies by. As a theatre-goer I sometimes just want the show to be done…and I’m really glad to be part of a show that probably won’t affect anyone like that (even overly-critical ME, if I was in the audience).

It’s also great to do a show again with my partner Mark Messersmith. We met almost 4 years ago doing SHE LOVES ME at Foothill…and then did FIDDLER ON THE ROOF together at SDG…but nothing after that...and since we’re both Equity now, it’s even more impossible to hope to do something together. So this is a rare treat. 42nd Street Moon has become a familial part of my life, and I love that Mark is now included in that part of my life as well.

I know exactly what David means about "economy." My back isn't always the best, so often sitting in a theatre seat, in one position, gets uncomfortable. I can always judge the quality of a work by how many times I check my watch. If an entire act can fly by without my checking, it means either the act was really really good, or really really short. Sounds like Miss Liberty will do me and my back a favor and be both!!

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