Friday, October 14, 2005

A peek at Klea's Concert, and what's next for Klea

Klea's concert last Tuesday was a rousing success, complete with standing ovation.

This pic gives you a feel for the festive atmosphere, which the Trader Vic mai-tais may have contributed to:

And here's the woman of the hour, with musical director Michael Rice, and longtim Moon friend Bob Grimes, who has thelargest sheet music collection on earth, and gave Klea so much help with the Vernon Duke album thatit's dedicated to him!

Up next for Klea is the 16th Annual New York Cabaret Convention, this year moved uptown to Lincoln Center. The Convention actually starts a mere day after Red Hot and Blue! closes, but luckily Klea isn't on until the closing concert on Sunday the 23rd.

Sounds fabu, and I'm actually in NY next week, but unfortunately on business, not pleasure.

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