Saturday, October 29, 2005

Greg thinks I'm very silly indeed... think that he was responsible for the lovely pictures he sent me. As he puts it:

"Honey, I barely have the talent to pull off the crappy little Kodak-throwaway-camera rehearsal shots I send you -- I could never come up with the kind of professional, artistically done performance shots that David Allen does. And -- hello! -- I have other things to do (like watch the show and take notes) during dress rehearsal. I never intended to represent those shots as being mine -- they're done for press/archival purposes, and I was just sending along some of the best."

If you've never met Greg, let me fill you in: I am sure that was said with his slight Southern drawl and a rueful grin :)

And he sent me another wonderful David Allen shot, as Greg calls it: the "titular shot" from Miss Liberty:

Featuring Nina Josephs and Mark Messersmith

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