Friday, October 07, 2005

Excellent RH&B Review on Talkin' Broadway

Yes, yes, I know I have not yet seen or reviewed Red Hot and Blue!. I'm going tonight, OK?!

In the meantime, read Richard Connema's rave on Talkin' Broadway.

Key excerpt:

"Klea Blackhurst stars in the flashy Ethel Merman role. Her powerhouse voice matches the great Merman as the rich widow "Nails" O'Reilly Duquesne. She brings down the house in "It's DeLovely," "You're a Bad Influence on Me" and "Red Hot and Blue!". Her "Down in the Depths on the 90th Floor" is soulfully rendered. She is delightful on the acting track with her wonderful malapropisms."

"Steve Rhyne, who has been absent from the stage for almost a year, is a welcome addition playing the romantic interest Bob Hale, Nail's lawyer. Bob Hope played the role in the original and Steve has that young Bob Hope quality about him. The chemistry between Klea and Steve is right on the mark. Steve has great vocal chops on the little known "You've Got Something" and his duet with Klea in "It's DeLovely" is pleasurable. Kalon Thibodeaux (Harpo in Minnie's Boys and Dromio in The Boys from Syracuse) returns to the Eureka Stage in the Durante role, Policy Pinkle. He is the king of puns; he must have over 100 puns during the two and a half hour production, and some of them are real groaners. This talented young man is becoming more and more like a young Lonny Price and is a great comedy asset to the production."

Steve, has it really been a year?

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