Sunday, October 30, 2005

Did you know we opened "Miss Liberty" on Statue of Liberty Day?

According to one of the 42nd St. Moon Board Memebers, Art Ferranti:

"A coincidental piece of trivia for you. Our official opening night" of Miss Liberty is Statue of Liberty day! Oct 28, 1883 was the official opening and dedication.

Check out this site for details.

I am pretty sure there is no way that was planned...just a fun little coincidence. Along with this trivia Art could not resist offering his own (again, totally unbiased, just like Annette) review:

"I attended the final, full rehearsal of the show Wednesday night (going again Sunday). It is a wonderful, touching, funny show with great songs and a decent plot. In case you didn't know, it is loosely based on an actual incident, a poor peasant girl gets mistaken as the model for the Statue of Liberty just prior to the monument's unveiling. 'Complications', as they say, 'ensue.'

The cast is incredible -- one of the best we've had -- their voices are amazing and the choreography/dancing is superb. There's a nice love story, a few political barbs from the time that hold up even today, and, in the end, there is an understated, gentle patriotism to what America should really embody that kind of catches you in your throat. You definitely will leave smiling. It is a wonderful show to follow RH&B because it is so different.

I think Art has a 2nd career as a theatre critic, that was a very lovely and evocative review!

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