Sunday, October 23, 2005

Advice for actors

Joshua James has written a very long and very funny post advising actors on how not to be a jerk, no-talent, annoying actor that never gets work because the word spreads.

I cannot do it justice, you simply must read it.

Now granted, actors at 42nd St. Moon are not going to be working with the playwrights. But I think much of Joshua's advice is more universal than that. I would also like to add something building on what one of Joshua's commenters said. Joshue makes a point of noting how one should respect the protocol of who gives who advice and notes.

As one of his commenters points out: actors should never give other actors notes, critiques, ine readings, suggestions.

I cannot agree more. It is so not our job. And, in fact, it is against Equity rules to do so. So next time some pompous, know-it-all actor takes it upon him or herself to tell you how to do your job, tell them to back off!

Oh, and if an actor is perverting either the lines or the staging in such a way that it is interfering with you doing your job and you feel something really must be said, take it up with the director if you are in rehearsals or alternatively, with the stage manager if you are already in performance.

I have done this, and it may seem like tattling, but it's not. It's the proper way to handle it.

Hat tip to SpearBearer Down Left for the link to Joshua's piece.

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