Saturday, September 24, 2005

Somebody Loves Klea...or should I say everybody does?

Because so far, she's on a roll.

The latest lovelink is from Peter Filichia of

"I had a better time when I went to see Klea Blackhurst at Joe's Pub. Throughout her Vernon Duke show, I felt that I was watching a future living legend. Just as it's now an event when Julie Wilson appears at the Oak Room, I suspect that people will be flocking to see Blackhurst 30 or 40 years from now. She also reminded me of Elaine Stritch, who, when singing about "the right people" in Sail Away, made a gesture that included the audience. Blackhurst did the same on the word "friends" when singing "Poor as a Churchmouse." By that point, she'd totally disarmed us."


Julie Wilson and Elaine Stritch. Pretty good company, wouldn't you say?

Peter, we loves you right back :)

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